Best skins and themes for Windows 10

This article is about the best Windows 10 Themes and skins to enhance your OS look. These themes enhance users experience and the virtual interface of your PC. It changes your mouse cursor, screen background and desktop icons look newly.

Best Windows Thems:

1. Mac OS X EL Caption

Mac OS C EL Capitan gives you to get an experience of the Mac operating system in your Windows 10. It is one of the best windows 10 skins. You can understand skin by its name itself that it will look like Mac Os X. This theme gives you a fantastic experience, give a try with this theme.

2. StartisBack

The StartisBack is the second best theme for Windows 10. This theme can gibe you a chance to enjoy the features of windows 7 in your windows 10 system. You can try this fantastic theme.

3. Ubuntu SkinPack

Here the Ubuntu skinPack takes the third place in the best skin pack. Most of the windows users don’t know about the Ubuntu Operating system. It is a fantastic operating system. This gives you the experience of using the Ubuntu operating system. It is the best theme for Windows 10 users.

4. Aero Glass

The Aero Glass is another best skin for windows 10. It looks more beautiful. You can enjoy the look of aero glass in windows using this theme. It gives you a transparent glassy look to your screen that looks beautiful.

5. Oxford

Oxford theme is the best themes for Windows 10. This theme does not include many features like other themes. The Oxford theme is a simple and user-friendly theme. It gives you the purest look for your Windows 10. It offers you an interface that looks like any cloud service. It can change and enhances the overall look of your operating system.

6. Stardock Start 10

The Stardock start 10 is a fantastic theme for Windows 10. It gives you an excellent customized screen to your system. It gives you the windows 7 style start menu.

7. Diversityx Vx

Here come the last best themes for Windows 10. Diversity Vx interface is one of the best themes. You can enjoy Diversity Vx interface in your windows 10.

These are the best windows 10 themes, you can try any of these themes according to your choice.


These are the best windows 10 themes or skins, that changes your systems look more beautiful. You are free to share any other good theme in our comment section below.