Best Gym defenders and attackers to power up

The gym system has been completely changed now. Pokemons are no longer ordered by their CP but when they enter a gym. There is no longer for 10 defenders. You can only have six pokemons and one of any kind in a Gym.

There are a total of 807 Pokemon in the universe, so you can use the pokemon evolution chart, for all generation. For a detailed guide of Pokemon’s evolution and generation, visit here.

But which pokemon is the best one to defend your Gym? Which are the best to attack other gyms? Now we will see the best gym defenders and attackers Pokemons in this article.

Best Pokemon Go Gym defenders:


Blissey is a vulnerable to Fighting-type pokemon, especially Machamp, but also the Dazzling Gleam punishes them all the way down. Blissey evolves from Chansey using 50 candies. Dazzling Gleam with Zen Headbutt is the best moveset of them.


Snorlax has its evolution at generation 4 as Baby Munchlax. The Heavy slam with Zen Headbutt makes the best movesets of Snorlax. Especially if you have the move Body Slam.


Chasey is like Blissey, it is vulnerable to Fighter-types like Machamp, so Dazzling Gleam with hurting them as they hurt it. Zen Headbutt with Dazzling Gleam is the best movesets they have.

Best Pokemon Go Gym attackers:

As new optimal defenders come, so new it also requires new optimal attackers to take them out. Type matching more effective for the first and second round when you are taking a Gym.


Machamp has remained at the top of attackers list. Deck him out with his best fighting moves and let him go to town anything except flying or psychic types. Machop evolves into Machoke with 10 candy and 100 more to the Machamp.


Dragon types are more popular in Gym and if you can get your hands on a Rayquaza from the Raid Battles, it’s an ace choice for bringing down every other Dragon-type.

Final Words:

If we have missed any of your favorite best attackers and defender Pokemon, feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

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