7 Best Kodi Skins with simple installation process

Kodi is an incredibly customizable software. Older users know that everything can be changed, from the way they access their library to the appearance of the RSS ticker. One of the best and easiest ways to completely reorganize your Kodi experience is to install a new skin. Here are the best Kodi skins from 2019 and how to install them.

When you open Kodi, you will notice the default appearance of the application. This is the interface or “skin” provided by Kodi. However, what many Kodi users don’t know is that we can change or modify this screen.

There are many options for Kodi skin and the choice of the best one is based entirely on your personal preferences. The following guide will help you simplify the selection of skins.


Chroma is another famous version of Kodi compatible with the Leia Kodi build. It is specially designed for people who want to watch Kodi on an Ultra HD TV. The mask uses high-resolution background images. Chroma also changes the background color tones based on the content displayed on the screen. As such, its graphics are dynamic and will help Kodi stay fresh.

2. Mimic

The Mimic Skin for Kodi is for people who don’t want screaming or catchy themes. Use flat design principles, so you won’t find shades, bright buttons, shadows or other similar graphic elements.

Instead, everything is designed to appear flat on the screen. All menus use a slate / blue color variant. Mimic is also notable for the amount of customization available. You can change anything from displaying movie posters to viewing menus.

3. Bello

This new version of the Bello Kodi skin is a good example of minimalism and functionality. Users appreciate the purple interface and organized add-ons that make it easy to search for movies, music, images and other content. The large red slider and menu icons are also a pleasure for those who prefer accented images.

Users can also easily filter the content by typing words associated with the title and description, or in categories such as Most Popular, Latest movies and box office movies, among others.

4. Nebula

The vast majority of Kodi masks use darker colors, shades, and tones. People seem to prefer them. If you want to use something light, we recommend Nebula. Light white and gray dominate the interface and menus. A dark version of Nebula is also available.

Our biggest criticism of Nebula is his desire to simultaneously adapt many menu items to the screen. If you want a cleaner experience, you may not like it.

5. Aeon Nox

With the launch of Kodi’s Leia, published in January 2019, you should pay attention to the themes you are installing. All are not compatible. Fortunately, Aeon Nox is compatible. This is undoubtedly the most popular theme of Kodi in recent years.

Aeon Nox is excellent in terms of graphics; The films and television series in his collection are presented in the form of large posters. They look great when you’re on a big screen. The menus use a futuristic character and design, which may not please everyone.

6. Transparency

If you want to create your Kodi experience in a kind of online art gallery, then Transparency is a must. You do not have to set up a code to use the most interesting features it offers: just select the fan art that’s right for you.

7. Revolve

Revolve is one of the most creative aspects to date. This is because it includes a disc that rotates with each item, namely Favorites, Videos, Music, Pictures, Programs, Weather, Files, and Settings. Users can always customize the appearance of the skin. This means that they can change the main menu, the animation, and the background.

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How to install skin on Kodi

  • On the System menu, click the Settings tab,
  • Run the Indigo tool.
  • Choose the Add-on Installer function.
  • Select the Kodi Skins category.
  • Select the Kodi skins you want to install and click on it to install it.
  • Press the Install button to continue.
  • The process of downloading the Kodi skin takes a few minutes.
  • Then click on the OK, when you are informed of its regular presence,
  • Return to Kodi’s main screen, go to the Settings tab on the System menu.
  • In the vertical menu bar, select the Appearance tab
  • Click the skins field that indicates Confluence by default .
  • Choose the skin that you have installed just now.
  • To keep the skin changed, press the Yes button.
  • And Here you go! Go Back to Kodi’s home screen and enjoy your skin.


These are some of the best Kodi skins you can use. We have also provided you with an installation guide. Kodi skins are really good if you are looking for some.

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