Best Kodi Builds List Updated

In this article, we have compiled a small list of the best Kodi Builds for all devices available as of now. The list is based on the popularity, ease of download and features offered by the build.

The method of viewing content and streaming media has changed drastically over the last few years due to technological advancement and the increasing popularity of the Internet.

The users now prefer to view content digitally and therefore several developers have launched streaming sites and media players that have gained huge popularity amongst the users.

Kodi – Introduction

One of the best possible Media Playing applications that the users can use to view content in Kodi. Formerly known as X-Box Media Centre (XBMC), Kodi is a free and open-source media playing software that is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

Kodi supports several common audio, video and image formats, playlists, audiovisuals, slideshows, weather forecast reporting, and third-party plug-ins. It can also be connected to internet and home network shares and does not include its own internal digital TV tuner code for Live TV or DVR/ PVR recording functionality.

Can I Install Kodi on Firestick

Since Kodi is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the users can easily install Kodi on most of the cellular devices, Tablets, smart TVs and other media streaming services.

Firestick is one of the most popularly used Television streaming boxes which has Android as its base operating system. Kodi is one of the most popular media streaming services and the fact that users can download the software on their Firesticks or Fire TVs helps to increase the popularity of both of these devices. 

Kodi Build

Although Kodi provides an amazing viewing and streaming experience for its users, the developers have offered several additional add-ons and builds which help to improve the viewing and streaming experience and prove to be a much better part of the complete package.

Kodi build helps to download everything including popular add-ons, skin, settings, electronic program guides and much more with just a single click installation. A build helps to save time that the user would otherwise spend while trying to search and select different add-ons. You can download the kodi builds listed at

List of Best Kodi Builds

There are several amazing Kodi builds available for its users but there is always a thin line that separates the better things from the best things. Here we have mentioned the list of best Kodi Builds and features. Some of the builds on the best side of the line are given below. 

No Limits Magic

Available for Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18, No Limits Magic is currently the best Kodi build available for its users. It offers an easy to use interface and tons of working Kodi add-ons which makes it an amazing and the perfect choice for the users. The developers of No Limits Magic ensure to revise it frequently with new functioning add-ons and it features a sleek futuristic look.

Also, the Kodi add-ons are frequently deleted if they are no longer working or have become obsolete and new add-ons are added immediately when they come along and prove to have exceptional features.

This Kodi build is available in a full Magic version as well as a Fire Stick Lite version for devices that have limited storage capacity. Some of the best possible add-ons available in this build include AdryanList, AdultHideout, Bennu, Elysium, Maverick TV, NBA Full Games among others. 


Available for Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18, Titanium is one of the longest-running Kodi build that has enjoyed the peak of popularity for several years. It features numerous videos, Live TV and program add-ons along with an easy to use a home screen that works well for all Kodi users. The build provides enough working links and is updated frequently to provide the best features for the users.

The add-ons also enable the user to access all the latest movies and TV shows and also offers a separate category for kids. The main menu settings also offer several options that allow the users to edit/update the build according to their preferences. Some of the best possible add-ons available in this build include Gaia, Yoda, At the Flix, Rising Tides, Maverick TV and much more.

MisFit Mods Lite

Available for Kodi 18, the Lite version of MisFit Mods is a great option for Kodi users who have little storage included in the Fire Stick. Even though the name might indicate a Lite version of the build and might lead the users to believe that it does not offer everything to the users, the fact remains that this build offers tons of content that would suit the streaming and viewing needs of several users.

The build has been given the title of ‘Kodi build of the Year’ by several tech sites. Some of the best possible add-ons available in this build include DeathStar, The Crew, Temp TV, Scrubs, Chain Reaction, etc.


Offered by the Simple Build Wizard, the Nova build has an easy to download and installation process and the irritating issues of buffering can easily be taken care of with regular maintenance.

The size of the build is not very large and yet it offers numerous great Kodi add-ons that would never let the user fall short of entertainment. Some of the best add-ons included in this build are Placenta, Incursion, Neptune Rising, Monster Munch, At the Flix, Maverick TV and much more. 

Ultimate Fire TV

Specially developed for Kodi 18 Leia, the Ultimate Fire TV build offers some new and different add-ons and skins that improve the user experience and works great on Fire Stick, Fire TV, X-Box or any other system compatible wit Kodi 18 and having available storage space. 

One thing that all users need to keep in mind is that they should be using a VPN while they use Kodi to hide their Internet activities while streaming movies, TV shows, and other live channels to ensure security from different hackers, government organizations and app developers who can otherwise keep a track of everything that you do online through the visible IP address. 

Downloading a Kodi build is a wonderful way of getting everything running within Kodi. It will help to install everything that the user needs to run Kodi with just one click and help to stream the content effortlessly as well as efficiently.