How to Find WIFI Password Without Rooting on Android

The time we use Android phone, we got faced with the need to access the internet. The course of using Wi-Fi is we can connect to a numerous number of them. A password secures most of the wifi connections. If you want to connect to many different gadgets that you have bought newly. There are no direct ways to see a Wi-Fi password that you maintain.

If you want to find the Wi-Fi password on your android it is hard to crack them, then you are wrong. Don’t worry, it’s easy and possible to see a Wi-Fi password on Android device without rooting. Android doesn’t provide any official option to find Wi-Fi password on android. By using some software you can view your WiFi password. In this arti cle we are going to provide you all possible and working way that allows you to show the WiFi password.

Method 1:

There are many methods only for the rooted device. In Android, there are many hidden features and things that you can access only after rooting your device. Check which wireless router you are using. Open the admin panel of your router. You can see your wireless router name or it’s a website by typing the following address on your mobile browser. You have to enter your username and password, mostly all the wireless router comes with default username & password which is Admin.

Go to the Wireless > Wireless security, there you can see your saved wifi password without rooting your android device.

Method 2:

There are thousands of apps available to view WiFi password. You can try any of these apps but all of these apps required to root access. The best app to find a WIFI password is “WiFi Password Show“, you can download it from the google play for free. Download the app from the play store and give root access, to view all saved WiFi networks password.

Method 3:

This method is not much easy like the previous ones. It is an interesting way to find out the WiFi password on any Android devices. To do this, you have to install the ES File Explorer Pro and enable the root explorer from the tools option. Open the Local > Device and root explorer will open.

It navigates you to the data/misc/wifi folder and you can find a file named wpa_supplicant.conf. Open the file and select ES Note Editor, you can see your password of WiFi under the network section.


These three working method is used to show wifi password in android for the non-rooted devices. We won’t recommend you to root your device and use an application. Because rooting your device isn’t safe for the users. If you have any other simple methods , you are free to share it in the comment section.

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